Re-live the Arcade Games of the 80s

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It was during the 1980s when technology and animation were incorporated into gaming. The period saw several innovative things happen in the industry, the most significant one being arcade gaming. This write-up explores the most popular arcade games of the era which are till date, a hit with the masses.

Bubble Bobble

This is the most popular arcade game. Over the years, several people have copied this gameplay but none of the replica games comes close to the original. Bubble Bobble allows two players to control the baby dragons. The players are required to trek through the various dimensions in order to trap the enemies in the bubbles. The most notable feature of this game however, is the twinkling music, which is nostalgic to millions out there that played this game during the 80s.

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Bubble Bobble


The 1980s Frogger was indeed classic. The arcade game features a cute little frog which you as a player should control to help him cross the road. The street is dangerously busy; you will have a hectic time taking the frog safe onto the other side of the road, but wait! It’s not over. The challenge lies in crossing the river where turtles and logs continuously move at unpredictable speeds. The objective is to reach the lily pad at the screen top but it is really tough to plan those moves.

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Space Invaders

This arcade game introduced in 1978 but gained massive popularity during the 1980s. As a player, you shoot the aliens that keep moving across the screen in five rows. Space invaders, the 3D game became famous as the most influential game of the era. It was and is played by people of all ages; the fun shooter game deserves the highest praise. In fact, it became all the rage in arcade gaming.

Space Invader (Photo credit: Spaceoldgaming.net)

Donkey Kong

The super popular characters introduced Donkey Kong and Mario with this arcade game. The game innovatively incorporated ladder climbing and object dodging which were entirely new to the gaming industry back then. As a result, this became an instant hit and rose to popularity in a short span of time.

The ultimate goal of Donkey Kong was to reach the top to rescue the princess; with this awesome game, people enjoyed arcade gaming like never before!

Donkey Kong


Pac-Man built with simple audio and graphics but it has been successful in alluring new generation players with its creativity. As a player, you will be required to eat the pellets while escaping from the ghosts that use artificial intelligence to react to your actions. Yes, you read it right. It was cutting edge technology during the time, hence won accolades from the playing masses; arcade gaming couldn’t have gotten better.

There are thousands of retro arcade games that became very popular. Here, we have made efforts to help you rediscover the arcade gaming of the 1980s by listing some of them. We hope you experienced some nostalgic moments reading this article!

classic video arcade game
Pac Man

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