Mario Kart Arcade – “It’s-a Mario time!”

Do you love racing? Are you in love with Mario?
If yes, then you are surely going to love this game. The Mario Kart Arcade GP is a great option for showing your gaming love with Mario. This is the classic Mario Kart game that everyone used to play in their childhood.
But, with this Mario Kart Arcade GP, not only children but the adults can also enjoy the classic Mario style racing. We at Arcade Game Rental have this console for rental. You can easily spice up your party with this or use it as a piece of entertainment in any kind of exhibition or fare.

Well, the Mario Kart does not need much introduction as it is known as the most famous racing title in the history of video games. You can enjoy a realistic game experience with the best arcade-game controls. The best part is that it comes with NAM-CAM with which you can use your face into the game for your avatar. That makes the gameplay more funny and enjoyable. This GP is known for featuring several new defense and attack items such as Cream Pie, Needle Barb, Sticky Oil, Tweester and Jack in the Box. You can easily master the power slide technique and defend yourself from the oncoming attacks. The gameplay comes with various unique tracks along with some exclusive characters for instance, Blinky, Pac-Man and Tamagotchi. Our Mario Kart Arcade GP comes with four player options where you can jump in with of your friends at a time.

Mario kart GP rental
Mario Kart GP Arcade

What makes Mario Kart Arcade different from others?

Our Mario Kart Arcade is one of the most popular racing game series. It offers new courses along with some new game modes. You can choose from the various karts with some trendy designs. The consoles has rainbow LED and makes it even more appealing than all other gaming consoles. Just install it in an exhibition or fare and you can make your guests happy in no time.  You can even race with three of your friends at a time. One thing is sure that you will be coming back again and again to enjoy this game.

Mario Kart Gaming console

The gaming console comes with a giant screen where you can enjoy your game. The whole console also comes with bright colours that will surely grab your attention. It comes with regular pedal shifters along with brake and acceleration pedals. You can even select different transmission levels for the best gameplay. The steering wheel comes with various switches mounted on it which can help you to toggle through various game modes and controls. Just rev up your engines and 3..2..1 Go! Challenge up your friends and have some great time. Relive your childhood memories with our Mario Kart Arcade GP. You can rent it for the time you need. We will install it on our own. ? Contact us for your Mario Kart Arcade GP rental.

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