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Arcade Game Retreat for DBS Staff

DBS Bank, the leading in asset management, consumer banking, equity, treasury and debt-fund raising has been serving Singaporeans for generations. Recently, DBS staff was in for a surprise; a games retreat was organized for them exclusively…
bishi bashi arcade

What makes arcade game rule the roost in carnival events?

Arcade games are just as big a hit in parties today as they were decades agoMost parents when they bring their children to arcade games remember themselves playing the same games when they were kids. In their own classic arcade, crane games…
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Re-live the Arcade Games of the 80s

It was during the 1980s when technology and animation were incorporated into gaming. The period saw several innovative things happen in the industry, the most significant one being arcade gaming. This write-up explores the most popular…

Mario Kart Arcade - "It's-a Mario time!"

Do you love racing? Are you in love with Mario? If yes, then you are surely going to love this game. The Mario Kart Arcade GP is a great option for showing your gaming love with Mario. This is the classic Mario Kart game that everyone used…
bishi bashi arcade
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Daytona Game Arcade and Bishi Bashi

When was the last time that you had a challenge with your friend regarding video games? If you really can’t remember, then Arcade Game Rental is here for you with Daytona Game Arcade and Bishi Bashi Arcade services.Who does not love…