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Time Crisis 2 Arcade Game

A game of epic proportions, released by Arcade gaming giants, Namco, Arcade Game Rental presents Time Crisis 2!

Partner up with an ally or go solo as you engage in gunfights across many levels! Fighting the AI enemies can be easy but your greatest foe will be a race against time itself. Every level is equipped with a time limit which you must overcome. So, be quick with your reaction and never lift your finger off the trigger in this action-packed arcade game!
Rent Time Crisis 2 from us now to have some shooting fun at your parties and events!

Dimension:  150 × 150 × 208 cm
Voltage: 220V
Powerpoint: 13amp

Delivery information for Time Crisis 2 Arcade Game:

Rate includes delivery and setup, dismantle and Collection.
Surcharges applicable if machine is require to carry up/down steps/stair.

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