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Daytona Game Arcade and Bishi Bashi

bishi bashi arcade

When was the last time that you had a challenge with your friend regarding video games? If you really can’t remember, then Arcade Game Rental is here for you with Daytona Game Arcade and Bishi Bashi Arcade services.

Who does not love to play video games? Be it, children or adults, everyone loves to do so. whenever they delve into video games. That is why we are up with our rental services where you can easily rent our arcade game machines for various events and create the maximum entertainment for your guests.

One of our client had engaged our Daytona game , Bishi Bashi and Beer Pong game for their company’s awards night. Not only the staff get recognition ceremony from their company ,they get endless of arcade game fun for the night!
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arcade game rental
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Daytona Game Arcade rental

Daytona Game Arcade is regarded as one of the most grossing video games of all time. The first version of it was released in the year 1993. Today, it comes with a nicely detailed gaming cabinet along with bright colors. The cabinet comes decorated with LED lights which will surely grab the attention of your guests. The best part is the graphics of this Daytona game. It offers spectacular graphics along with superb gameplay and controls. This arcade game rental will surely be the winner of your event. ��

Bishi Bashi Arcade rental

Now you can have some bashing fun at your event with the Bishi Bashi Arcade from us at Arcade Game Rental. All you need to do is to just bash the buttons. It can be either played with 3 players or 1 vs. 1. The only motive of this game is to control your own color of buttons like blue, red or green. It is a very competitive type of game and can easily bring up the hype of your event. There are certain instructions for each game that you need to follow and the best player wins the game. It is super easy and fun-filled and keeps your guests easily entertain.

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